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What is Customer Buds?

Customer Buds is a community for professionals in customer-focused roles and students looking to get into this field.

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"Given my experience working in B2B connecting with great mentors and opportunities, my goal with building a community for customer-focused early professionals and students is to create access to great resources, mentors, and opportunities. And to showcase how cool and valuable customer-focused roles are, and why it matters for the organization and as a career choice."

Alvin Meledath

Customer Buds, Co-Founder

"When I first started in this role, I was able to learn from my colleagues but I had a hard time finding other customer success folks who I could learn from and share resources. I wanted to create this community to bring more awareness to college students and new grads on customer-focused roles and support each other in their careers."

Jane Zhao

Customer Buds, Co-Founder

"As a Business Analyst, my experiences have taught me how to build relationships and understand what client success really means. I am excited to be part of Customer Buds to help the community have access to resources, industry stalwarts, events about customer-facing roles, and support community career growth."

Akshay Dehadray

Customer Buds, Project Manager

"I believe that customers are the foundation of a business and Customer Buds continues to teach me more about what client success means. Thank you to the team at Customer Buds for providing me with the opportunity to join their mission in supporting individuals interested in customer-focused roles with their career journey!"

Crystal Ly

Customer Buds, Marketing & Design Lead